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Start to trade, earn money, or to control the Zenbot Cloud DAO.

How do I get access to ZENBOT Cloud technologies?


ZENBOT Cloud is a community of traders, developers and methodologists who want to be involved in a big project, turning their participation into a valuable asset.

ZENBOT Cloud attracts resources for project development through a crowdfunding mechanism for raising funds in the form of purchasing specialized cryptotokens in the Ethereum blockchain network (ERC-20).

Each utility token purchased is a key to gaining access to ZENBOT Cloud technologies. The token holder gets unlimited access to the use of ZENBOT Cloud.

Who is managing the project and how?


ZENBOT Cloud is managed decentralized in the form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO enables decentralized project management and secure and transparent crowdfunding to finance a project using DeFi technologies on the Ethereum network.

Each owner of the crypto token has a personal account, where he gets the opportunity to buy and sell tokens, vote to manage the ZENBOT Cloud project and receive financial reports on the project.

ZENBOT Cloud is operated through an electronic voting system using a digital signature that cannot be tampered with or tampered with. Ownership of project shares are securely protected by smart contract logic, which cannot be changed or influenced. The whole mechanism operates in a decentralized mode of the Ethereum blockchain network and has no center of control or influence. Each token owner receives voting rights in the amount of the purchased volume of project tokens.

The minimum package of crypto tokens giving the right to vote is over 5% of the project capitalization. The quorum for making a decision is over 50%.

What does ZENBOT Cloud provide?

Convenient control panel

Convenient user interface in the form of a web client, which provides a wonderful opportunity to use 100% of Zenbot functionality.

Manage multiple trading pools

Launch and control an unlimited number of pools that automatically support Zenbot trading sessions, which allows a trader to trade in parallel on multiple exchanges and different currency pairs. At the same time, do not worry about breaking the connection and stopping the trading process.

Exchange account manager

Keep records of existing exchange accounts, monitor balances, trading history, open and archived orders. Analyze the trading process and statistics of successful and unsuccessful transactions.

Asset portfolio management

Combine your own exchange accounts or those transferred to management from other traders into portfolios. Actively use asset portfolios to achieve maximum profit.

Zenbot Advanced Core Gene

Use the latest Zenbot builds from the Zenbot Cloud community developers.

Marketplace of trading strategies

Develop or lease new trading strategies for yourself. Use a cloud-based trading strategy development environment and testing tools.

How do I purchase a utility token
Zenbot Cloud?

On April 1, 2021, a presale will start, where it will be possible to buy a utility token at a fixed price. The minimum package is any. The sponsor can only be individuals, not US citizens.

After successful completion of the presale, anyone can freely buy or sell cryptotokens at the market value, which is determined by an independent market maker.