Technical support


Training & consulting

Knowledge base

Launched an information resource in the format knowledge base services, search for answers, the bugtracker and publications for discussion new ideas for developing the Zenbot Cloud. Anyone can access the documentation and get answers to any questions about the Zenbot Cloud. We regularly work on filling in content with a detailed description of the Zenbot Cloud.

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Our customers and partners can get technical support through the Help Desk service or Skype. For their convenience, we provide personal accounts where you can create requests and track their execution, as well as receive unique information and a private conversation with our specialists.

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Video channel

For quick visual training of traders to work with the Zenbot Cloud, we have opened a support channel on Youtube, where we regularly publish video instructions.

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Training course

We are actively working to attract new operators or service providers on the Zenbot Cloud. We conduct Webinars, participate in seminars and other events that are useful for promoting the project on the Internet.

Social network

Our community has support on the leading social platforms of the Internet.